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#ProductsWeLove: Each month we highlight some eco-friendly products we love from companies that care about our planet and our well-being. Through these features we hope to provide useful recommendations for sustainable products that can be used in daily life.

This month in our #ProductsWeLove series, we are focusing on an alternative to a plastic "necessity" in our lives - our phone cases. Pela Case aims to protect your phone sans plastic and leave no trace behind. 

Pela Case At The Beach

Phones: can't live with them, really can't live without them. These little electronic bricks contain our favorite photos, important phone numbers and perfectly curated playlists for our morning commute. That's why the phone case market is booming, we need to protect our investment. Phone cases allow us to show off our individuality through unique designs and fun patterns, however one common theme is plastic. Eventually cases break or phones are upgraded, leaving behind useless plastic shells that are seldom recycled. But what's the alternative?

Pela Case 100 Percent Compostable Phone Case

Pela Case offers the first 100% compostable, no compromises phone case for both iPhone and Androids. Featuring a wide range of colors and designs, these cases are made from a blend of flax straw, plant based biopolymers and recycled materials. This means that at the end of their useful life, they can be easily composted and returned to the earth. If you don't have a backyard compost, compost bin or a facility nearby, they can also be sent back through the Pela Cycle program to be made into a new phone case.

The founder, Jeremy Lang, worked as a full-time environmental consultant and during a vacation in Hawaii noticed his son pulling plastic out of the sand. This sparked him to think about how to use our natural resources more effectively while starting the conversation about our plastic problem. He then developed Flaxstic™ which took durable, unused material (flax straw) and gave it new purpose in a Pela Case. Flax straw materials have natural shock absorbing properties, which makes it perfect for protecting our most loved and most dropped item. 

Pela Case Side View Buttons

The Canadian company has partnered with a variety of environmental groups including: Surfrider Foundation,, Save the Waves Coalition, Oceana and Wildlife Conservation Network to raise money and awareness for their causes. Limited edition designs are released with 5% of sales being donated to the non-profits. All manufacturing and most shipping is done at their center in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

 Pela Case Light Blue Sea Turtle

You can order Pela Case online, on Amazon or from a select retailers around the world. Pela Case ships in a plastic-free, 100% recycled and recyclable paper mailer. It's worth noting that while Amazon has much faster shipping times, they usually put an Amazon plastic bubble mailer around the existing eco-friendly packaging.

Pela Case is an ideal alternative to traditional plastic phone cases, serving its purpose and leaving no waste behind. It's an everyday object that can be easily used as a conversation starter about the impact that plastic has on our environment. Prices start at $39 - visit their website for more information: and check them out on instagram:

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Santos Swim’s suits are crafted using fabric primarily spun from recovered ghost fishing nets and recycled plastic, so we are always happy to support other companies working towards clean oceans! 
We can’t wait to share more #ProductsWeLove with you!
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