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This month we’re starting a new blog series highlighting conscious brands we love! The world needs more sustainable and ethical businesses, so we’re here to introduce you to some of our favorites. No matter where you are on your sustainable living journey, we hope this series helps you discover new brands that you can feel good about supporting.

Let’s start with a question… do you know what ingredients make up the everyday products that you use? When I first met the founder of SurfScripts.org, I was helping her package her all-natural body care line and noticed something right away - I could identify and pronounce every single ingredient in each product.

She walked me through the process of how she ethically sourced, meticulously formulated, and hand-produced everything. After sampling a few products, I was blown away…they were the best products I had ever used.

SurfScripts.org is a grassroots, environmental advocacy group that creates land and ocean-friendly people and pet care. They only use the cleanest ingredients, all sourced from environmentally conscious land-to-ocean farmers. Their 100+ piece product line contains everything from solar defense to toothpaste to hair care and is all created to be returned back to the earth.

I mentioned the products are hand-made, but they also use little to no water in their formulations and no electricity. Water waste and energy output are two factors that are often hidden in other brands’ production footprints. SurfScripts.org’s commitment to the planet is shown in every aspect of their business.

Beyond creating safe & effective formulas, sustainable packaging is also kept at top of mind. The packaging is made of glass, bamboo, paperboard, or a small amount of PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic - which is going to be phased out and replaced by plant pulp packaging in the near future.

SurfScripts.org is always looking for ways to consciously collaborate with like-minded individuals, businesses, and non-profits. Whether this is through private labeling a selection of their products or teaming up for fundraising efforts. These unique opportunities are offered to organizations and charitable causes that are in alignment with the group's core values.

Do you have an organization or cause you’d like to support through a custom fundraiser? They make it easy to promote sustainable living while raising awareness about causes close to your heart.

Whether you’re a conscious consumer looking for new earth-friendly products or an organization looking for creative ways to raise money for your cause - visit SurfScripts.org to view their full product line and discover more details about how to get involved.

Stay tuned to uncover more #BrandsWeLove!

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