Introducing: Carbon Neutral Delivery

As consumers we often overlook the impact that online orders have on our planet.  The truth is that each order we have delivered has its own trackable carbon footprint and as conscious consumers, we can do something about it. 

Carbon Neutral Shipping Option

Santos Swim is excited to announce the option to make your delivery carbon neutral! This feature allows you to zero out the carbon created for your delivery by supporting clean energy projects. Simply click the checkbox in your cart & see how much carbon you'll be offsetting, plus exactly which renewable energy project you will be funding. We've integrated Cloverly, an API for carbon offsets, to provide this feature.

Cloveryl API Carbon Offset Credits

Cloverly calculates the amount of carbon created for your specific order based on package weight and distance for delivery. Then it locates the closest wind or solar energy projects to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). A REC is created whenever a renewable energy source outputs 1000kWh of renewable energy. These certificates can then be purchased to claim that emission-free energy and support further clean energy production. Watch the video below for a detailed breakdown of how RECs work:

The cost to make your delivery carbon neutral is minimal, usually less than $1, and this includes a $0.25 fee that Cloverly charges to run + expand their platform. Domestic shipping is always free & now it can be carbon-free, too! 

Learn more about Cloverly on their website here

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