Color Inspo iPhone Wallpaper ~ Free Download


It’s hard to believe thatthe Bali Collection has been 3 years in the making! As we gear up for the big reveal, we’d like to share some of our color inspiration with you. We will be releasing a few sets of color inspo iPhone backgrounds, featuring the actual colors used on your new suits!

This first background photo of playful Bali puppies on the beach reminds us of a heart in the sand. It’s set against our black swatch, so get ready for your new favorite black swimsuit…

Stay tuned for more color reveals and free downloads!

Click the image below to open the iPhone background download:

Instructions: save the image to your phone, in your photos select image & choose“set as wallpaper”, reposition accordingly. This background is set for large iPhone screens, but you can easily crop it for any screen size. Enjoy!

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