Santos Swim ~ What’s in a name?

Santos Swim is a globally-conscious swimwear brand with a love for traveling and a passion for keeping our planet clean. The brand is inspired by world travels, so it is no surprise that the name was sparked by a magical place called Todos Santos. Our family has been traveling to Baja California, México for as long as I can remember and my first time visiting the town of Todos Santos was back in November 2008.

Those memories are filled with stunning sunsets while releasing baby sea turtles into the wild, warm days on the beach watching whales on their migration path and countless laughs over plates of mouthwatering tacos. This town is indeed magical, even México has recognized it as one of the few “Pueblo Mágicos” - a town which has cultural and historical significance that captures the essence of Mexican culture. While being inspired by this magic town and it’s natural surroundings, Santos Swim aims to share the journey to many beautiful destinations through our timeless designs.

Growing up in a California beach town, I was taught from an early age to respect the ocean and to leave the coast cleaner than I found it. This meant picking up a few pieces of trash on the way back up the trail home, which we never minded because we were doing our part to help maintain the environment that we loved to visit so much! Santos Swim carries on with that philosophy, as our fabric is partly made from recycled ghost fishing nets, which otherwise would be left floating in the ocean to harm wildlife. These once-forgotten nets are transformed into luxury Italian fabric and given a new life back in the ocean, this time as an inspired piece of swimwear.

We are excited to share more about the inspiration behind the brand, travel tips, sneak peeks of our upcoming collection, exclusive giveaways and more on the Santos Swim blog!

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